Lifetime Warranty for Power Windows: Proton

Hello readers,
Hear! Hear! Our aftersales department is making an effort to provide you a better service. Oh well, some of you may have experience faults in your power windows of your Proton cars. So Proton is making a change to that by moving to a better commitment by giving you warranty for your power windows. Are you eligible? Check the terms and conditions set for this special treatment:

Terms and conditions:

  • The Lifetime Warranty is defined as ten (10) years of a customer’s vehicle age or 250,000km from the car registration date (whichever comes first). Only cars (old & new) that is under manufacturer’s warranty as at 1st of September 2011 are eligible.
  • The warranty is subject to full compliance of the recommended periodical service maintenance as specified in the Service Booklet to be conducted at any authorised PROTON service centre.
  • Any Proton car model that is registered before 31 August 2011 and is still under the manufacturer’s warranty will require a valid Power Window System Warranty Registration.
  • The Power Window Lifetime Warranty covers only four (4) componentsof the power window mechanism; run channel, power window motor, door regulator and power window switch. (Refer below)
  • Power Window Lifetime Warranty is claimable at all authorised PROTON service centres.
*Power Window Lifetime Warranty is only applicable to the Malaysian market.

Find out if you’re entitled to the power window lifetime warranty by taking these steps:

  • Ensure your Proton is under the manufacturer’s warranty as at 1st September 2011.
  • Check your PROTON Service Booklet and ensure your car service intervals are done accordingly.
  • Make an appointment with your nearest authorised PROTON Service Branches or Dealer.

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